MOMS with Heart (n.)

Moms Offering Moms Support, with heart.

We are a rebranded, formerly know as RHCNY, growing family of support groups for both work out of home and stay in home moms. We have been part of the CNY community for almost FOUR years !!! Our goal is to build foundational bonds with neighbors, enhancing the online and in person experience. From the beginning our groups have been driven by the interests and involvement of our incredible and engaged community. We are a useful resource, offering opportunities for members to be active in a variety of topics and to engage with each other in a supportive and judgement free environment... both virtually and IRL.

We strive to empower women to lead happier, healthier lives with hope to make a positive impact on our small friends of the future too! 



Julia Gardiner, our secretary and treasurer. We would be lost without her hands on contribution to our community!

Ashley Miller, our fundraising coordinator and production artist. Her enthusiasm to be helpful is inspiring, we are so lucky to have her!



Executive Director, Shawna Gould

Shawna is the creator of MWHCNY, formerly known as RHCNY, a private Facebook community that has become a network of support for more than 1,700 moms in the area. From the start of the movement in 2018 until Fall 2020, she organized every play-date, designed every graphic and moderated every post on the site on her own while caring for her two littles. In 2021 with a dream team standing beside her and so much community growth, the possibilities are endless. Connecting women while providing support, encouragement and positive influence is her main purpose and goal. Growing the community and giving back by lifting up one mama at a time.